marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

How facebook protesters influence iPhone reception

Water is the source of existence and everything has water in it. My dog does. My food does. Suprisingly, my coffee does, too. And so on.

I like water, because if i didn’t, i’d end up hating everything, because every living thing is made of water. I guess i wouldn’t hate an iPhone, because It is water-free. At least they don’t mention that aspect on their website. Well, mine isn’t. My phone is clean. On the inside, that is. Oh, i forgot to mention: on this planet, we use water to wash things. This is why my little touchscreen spying tracking device is now clean.

Last night I had to study for an exam I took today. It went great. I might just pass. So I read about one third of everything I had planned to and went to sleep. I woke up feeling all scrupulous about what was left to learn. So learning is what i did and then I went into the bathroom and put my music-playing phone on the shelf, so that it would play some music while I took a shower. As always. The only thing that’s changed is the fact that my country is going through some sort of revolution these days, with people protesting against the president and his counterparties, so I got my civic spirit up and ready and signed up to a facebook group that proposed a never-before seen political agenda, that will certainly better all our lives. Find it here.

Facebook is a purposeful time-waste with blue colors and girls proud about going places or cooking cakes. And brands pretending to be people.

All sorts of enthuziasts started posting their frustrations, demands and hopes for better future given away by the government on this facebook page.

So much so that when I woke up feeling all scrupulous about studying, i had 40+ notifications on my phone. But then nothing for a few hours. Political complaints stopped. Such nice, working, considerate people to have stopped so I could read some more. Skip ahead to the shower and the music. I guess the nice people were on lunch break, because the notifications started interrupting my playlist. Before I knew it, my otherwise always-dry phone joined me in the shower. Loved the change in its attitude.

It made me realise that peaceful protests actually do influence stuff to adjust their perspective. Maybe people too, but this surely isn’t the point. The point is that we’ve always been looking for water on other planets, when intelligent aliens most likely know better than to keep their smartphones next to ponds.