joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Marketing Libidinos.

For a company that has recently and notoriously lost a huge copyright infringement suit to still use comparative marketing, it takes huge balls. 

 As we all know, balls don't have brains, even though they do have their fair amount of fans.


Other than that, great way to create buzz and shift buyers, but it won't get you any brand evangelists, Samsung. You'll always be Coke Zero! And please start designing large-pocket jeans as an accessory to your super-Amoled tennis racquets phones.

And then, there's Apple's embellishing tendency for product description:

"Another brilliant feature of Lightning: it’s reversible. Which means there’s no wrong way to plug in the cable."
 They're talking about the new cable. Which is nothing short than Brilliant. You can now be a crazy one, a misfit and a rebel, by plugging the cable the other way around.

Funny thing is, it never struck me as bullshit when Steve Jobs was selling us "the latest techno-intellectual fashion resort" through visual hyperboles, but these guys seem full of IT.